COVID-19 Update: Keeping our community safe

In order to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and to provide a safe environment to our customers and our employees, we have a protocol to follow when you visit our farm.

Physical distancing should be respected at the farm stand. Please note, at our Blueberry U-Pick it is impossible for us to properly distance because the plants are too close together and the aisles are not wide enough. Wearing a mask is mandatory while in the U-Pick fields. Hand washing is required before entering the U-Pick and the wagon.

Thank you for understanding.

Do we need to bring our own containers for the U-Pick?

No, we provide the containers for you to use.

What are your U-Pick hours?

We are normally open every day from 8:00am to 5:00pm. There is no U-Pick when it is raining. Hours will vary depending on availability & weather. Check our Facebook page before visiting our U-pick.

Do you sell fruit already picked and packaged?

Yes, we always have fresh strawberries and blueberries already picked and packaged for sale. As for raspberries, it would best to reserve them, especially if you want a large quantity.

Can we have a picnic at your farm?

Yes, we have some picnic tables available on site. You are more than welcome to come and enjoy a picnic at our place.

Are there washrooms on site?

Yes, we have two portable toilets on site, including hand wash stations.

Can we bring our dog or other pets?

No, we follow a national food safety certification program on the farm. The program does not allow us to have animals on our site.

Do you accept debit or credit cards?

Yes, we accept cash, debit and credit including Visa and Mastercard.

Do you offer school visits?

Yes, we do have school visits starting mid-September for the pumpkin field.

Do you offer tractor rides?

Yes, we do tractor rides only during strawberry and pumpkin season. We take you to the proper field in a comfortable wagon pulled by a tractor.

Are our fields sprayed with pesticide?

Our farm, Les Petits Fruits de Pré-d’en-Haut, cares about the environment. We have an environment plan in place and we only spray when necessary. About 40% of our spayed product are certified for the use of organic and we take proper measures to protect the bee and bird populations. We also are doing an integrated pest management program which helps us eliminate the quantities of pesticide used, all in an effort to produce the best quality fruits and vegetables.