We grow highbush blueberries, also called Giant Blueberries. They are in season for six to eight weeks from August to October. During the season each blueberry bush is picked once a week.

In comparison to wild blueberries that are grown low on the ground, the Giant blueberries grow on bushes that can easily reach 6 feet high.
Highbush blueberries are much bigger than the wild lowbush varieties and individual berries can be as large as the size of a twenty-five cent coin.

Highbush blueberries are easy to pick, to prepare, eat and enjoy, as there’s no peeling, coring, cutting, and de-stemming required.

Enjoy blueberries all year round, as frozen berries they can be used to make jams, puddings, pies, muffins, pancakes, sauces and more!

How to store highbush blueberries

  • Do not wash blueberries before storing. Wet berries spoil quickly.
  • Stored properly, they will keep up to 10 days or longer in the refrigerator.

How to freeze highbush blueberries

  • Do not wash blueberries before freezing them.
  • Pack the berries into freezer bags and store in the freezer for up to one year.

How to prepare highbush blueberries

  • Rinse in cool water.
  • Enjoy raw, topped with cream or in an ice cream dessert. Blueberries are excellent in baking.