This year our Raspberry U-Pick will open around August 20th-25th. Supply will be limited.

Raspberries are very delicate berries. Be sure to pick carefully, handle gently and refrigerate as soon as possible! They grow in bushes that are close together on stalks or stems covered with thorns. These delicious berries are worth the care taken when picking.

At our U-Pick you can pick your own raspberries or buy them already picked fresh each day at our popular fruit stand, located onsite.

Please note that in the event of rain, the field will be closed.

COVID-19 Update: Keeping our community safe

For up-to-date information please call us at 506.758.0987 or visit us on Facebook

All of our products are available during berry season at the fruit stand located at our U-Pick and at the Dieppe Market.

How to pick raspberries

  • Look for firm, well-shaped, plump berries. Unripe raspberries do not ripen once picked.
  • Gently grasp the berry with your fingers and thumb, and tug gently.
  • If it is ripe, it will easily come off in your hand, leaving the center part attached to the stem.
  • Place your fresh picked berries out of direct sunlight. This will help keep them fresh.
  • Refrigerate your raspberries when you arrive home.

Welcome to everybody and enjoy your berry picking!